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Oldies, four of us, two couples, wedding guests, travelled south for an extended weekend. I had booked us into Jaspers Cottage, Jaspers Brush near Berry. Found on the internet.

What a great decision! A quaintly modest olden day farm cottage, decorated with a touch of artistic charm and swathed in surrounding verdant green.

The landscape whispered “relax” with its greener than green accent. It was extraordinary. We felt it was unnecessary to leave the premises except for our obligations as wedding guests at a nearby winery, the pre-wedding party celebrations at a pub in Berry and our after party barbecue committments with the other wedding guests. Three days of joy and good times, bolstered by our own wonderful accommodation at Jaspers Cottage.

Our hosts respected our privacy but informed us by phone of a nearby interesting waterfall to explore. At night we could faintly hear it in the distance. But sadly, we never motivated ourselves sufficiently “to get around to it”. The interesting waterfall? Next time. On this occasion as it turned out, we just couldn’t be bothered. You know how it is, we were engulfed in calm, occasionally visited by cattle and a variety of curious birdlife. The open fire also added to the ambience.

We weren’t alone with our feelings as the guest book’s verbal meanderings intimated. Other guests gave similar testimony, some quite romantically, writing their comments poetically with rhyme and rhythym, echoing the mysterious ghostly whisper “relax”.

Graham Austin OAM’

We have spent two weeks inside a book of poetry – waterfalls, beaches, cows, and mountains – a wonderful blending of all the senses. This cottage is a sanctuary of renewal. The finest silvering of sea over the north eastern hills eventually touched everything in our holiday. This valley will continue to live in our imagination.

We spent a wonderful week in paradise, the tension of the city left us on the third day, the stars in the sky were never so bright, the air never smelt this good and the nights by the fire were unforgetable. We’ll be back.

It has been a magic week. The valley is one of peace. I could stay 4 months. Best place to have Christmas. I did not want to even go into town (Berry). Just wanted to sit, read, reflect. Thank you.

It is wonderful to measure time by falling orange flowers and to dream with the dozey hum of bees. This year we also enjoyed the singing faces in the paddocks and at night we told dragon stories around the barbecue and these stores became more liquid with the wine.

A truly magnificent place, quiet, peaceful and fantastic views, beat city life any day. thanks again.

A wonderful week of mists and vapours from the mountains. Each day full to bursting with activities.

I came from France. I found your house very cosy and charming. The country side resembles the French countryside. Our first weekend away as a couple – we couldn’t have came to a more beautiful place. It was wonderful.

We will return – the most delightful holiday ever was experienced at Jasper Cottage. We are returning to the USA with the fondest of dreams. Just loved this place. “Heaven on Earth” Larsen. California.USA

This is a ‘real’ home so much comfort with spectacular views, your own private waterfall and the sound of birds and cows. Two days seems like a week. PERFECT.

A view of heaven, a pretty house with big foofy beds and welcoming thoughtful touches everywhere you turned. Who could ask for anything more !!! This is our first stay at Jaspers, but definately not our last.

Sydney Morning Herald

If getting away from it all in complete and utter scenic solitude is your idea of a good weekend away, then look no further than Jasper Cottage…..

Hidden behind a wall of bamboo, the cottage is perched on a hill overlooking the greenest valley I have seen this side of Switzerland. The cottage, which is about 100 years old, has been lovingly refurbished. Featuring three double bedrooms, a lounge room, dining room, bathroom, kitchen and laundry, it is exquisitely furnished and is fully self-contained. In fact, as the owners do not live on the property, you need have no contact with another human being for the entire weekend.

While there is lots to see and do in the area, the best thing of all, for us, was to do nothing but sit on the verandah taking in the stillness and the endless green. Rocking gently in a hammock in the sun, drinking the complimentary champagne and being disturbed by nothing more than the distant mooing of grazing cows seemed like perfection to me.

– SMH GOOD WEEKEND – 52 Weekends Away

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